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Is The Medical Cover Of Your Foreign Domestic Worker Insurance Enough

Is foreign domestic insurance really enough? Well, this question can be tricky. The maid insurance is a must, alongside personal insurance is mandatory. In this article, we discuss maid Insurance and personal insurance.

Let’s dive into the topic of insurance for foreign domestic worker

In the context of domestic help, it is very important to have health insurance. The life of the maid must be safe and secured. A critical health problem can arise at any point in time. There are some severe diseases like cancer, tuberculosis, Aids, Covid-19, etc. The medical treatment of all of these diseases is very expensive.

These diseases can occur at any point in time. It is very important to have a safeguard and safety for yourself. The medical cost of the medical treatment will be covered by the insurance company. The maid will have safety and security for critical problems like such. There can be many incidents like what if the maid meets an accident? Foreign domestic insurance will provide financial assistance in those times.

The maid will have the financial backing to tackle the unpredictable health problems. The medical cost of the maid will be covered by the insurance company. This is the key advantage of maid insurance. The medical costs include medications, medical treatments, accidental hospitalisation, doctors visit, etc. The costs of all of these expenses will be covered by the foreign domestic maid insurance.

Personalised medical expenses 

The personalised medical expenses will be reimbursed by the insurance company. In case if the domestic help is hospitalised for a long period of time. The insurance company will reimburse the cost. This is also known as the personalised medical expense as the domestic help is hospitalised due to any personal reasons. It might be any disease or have met with an accident.

These issues are calls for hospitalisation and medical treatment. This medical treatment will be covered by the medical company. It is very important to consider the cost will be reimbursed by the medical expenses. The cost suffered by the helper will be reimbursed as well. This is the advantage of taking up the foreign domestic help insurance. The insurance company will provide you with financial assistance in such critical times.

Dental and medical checkups 

What can be better than this? Get your house help the members rate at the gp and the dental clinics. The house help can enjoy the dental and the medical outlet’s visit. Isn’t that a great deal? As the house help will get the opportunity to have regular checkups. The house help will get the members rate at the gp and the dental treatments. This will definitely enjoy these rates and services as they can go to a dentist visit and GP visit regularly. It is very important to have regular checkups to avoid any kind of critical illness. The foreign domestic help insurance company provides such benefits to the domestic help.

Reimbursement of Unexpected expenses 

The reimbursement of the unexpected expenses will be provided to the clients. An unexpected situation can occur at any point in time. In that case, we are ready to corporate and aligned with the clients. We will bear with the loss of $5,000 of the security bond. In case if the domestic help has breached the contract. We will try to compensate for the cost of it. This calls for re-hiring and maid termination you can definitely hire. You can also get the reimbursement of the FDW to be required. These are the unexpected expenses to be covered. There are many aspects to it. 50% off 6- monthly tests. Get a 50% discount for the money tests.

It is very important to get the two tests done in a year. This test is for the full body check-up. The maid can enjoy these check-ups in a year. To have an insight about its health condition. We provide refundable and optional monthly tests as per the convenience of the client. They can definitely opt for it. These tests must be done at least twice a year. It is medically advised by the doctors. This is very important to maintain the safety and security of the health.

Why is personal insurance essential?

This question, should i buy early critical illness insurancecan arise before taking the insurance. Well, we are going to point out the benefits of the insurance personal.

Personal insurance holds a lot of significance. It is equally important to ensure the future health of yourself. The unforeseen circumstances can occur at any point in time. These circumstances can take a heavy toll on your own health. It is very important to have insurance to maintain a stable and healthy life. Moreover, personal insurance will help you tackle the medical costs and expenses in critical situations.

Early health protection from the critical illness 

Detect the critical illness at stage one. It is easier to deal with and cure the critical illness at an early stage. Personal insurance will definitely detect the stage of illnesses. At An early stage, the critical illness will be detected. There are some severe diseases like cancer, polio, Covid-19, etc. It is better if these diseases are detected at an early stage. The early-stage insurance will enable that. As it includes a lot of regular checkups and treatment. In case if there is any problem, the insurance will provide financial assistance.

Immediate coverage and free medical consultation 

Get free immediate coverage for the age up to 75. What can be better than this? As we will cover the cost and get the immediate coverage without any Hassle.

Moreover, you can definitely get a free medical consultation as well. You can consult a doctor by sitting at your home. Consult a doctor on the app if you are having any problem. This is the best way of consultation with the doctor. The doctor is just a few clicks away. Get the cost coverage and the free medical consultation.

Do not think twice before opting for better insurances. Both of the respective insurances are essential. There are an array of advantages you can seek from them. We hope this article will help you out with the purpose.