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How Convenient Is Hourly Car Rental Singapore?

The hourly car rental Singapore may be an option you are considering if you only require the use of a vehicle for a limited period of time. Perhaps you want to rent a sophisticated and expensive car to impress a client? Maybe your vehicle is busy getting repaired and you need something to use for the day? Hourly car rental is exceptionally convenient because it means that you rent a car or van based on hourly rates, as opposed to paying a fixed fee to take the car for a number of days. This enables you to get your hand on a replacement vehicle quickly and easily without having to commit to a long contract.

Different companies have different policies in place regarding how hourly rental works. Some car rental firms will give you the option of a three, six, or nine-hour rental period. There are others that will enable you to borrow the vehicle for as long as you need it, so long as it is returned within 24 hours and you pay the hourly rate that has been agreed upon. This is something you will need to consider before you agree to rent out a car in Singapore under hourly rental terms.

It is also worth noting that fuel policies tend to differ with hourly car rental Singapore. This is because you may not be given a full tank of fuel, as these cars have such a quick turnaround time. In which case, you would not be expected to return with a full tank either. You should refer to the company’s terms and conditions for specific information about this. All in all, though, if you require vehicle rental for a short period of time for any reason, this is definitely the best option to go for.