5 Common Mistakes You do for Choosing Web Design Company Singapore :

For modern day business owners, it is simply a must to own and run a well designed website for their company. Be it property dealers or education centres or service providers or anyone who plans to sell oneself online, their website should have that professional edge and of course, should attract traffic. The highest budgeted and most attractive websites prove to be useless if they cannot attract visitors.

If you are aiming for high SEO rankings for your website on the Google search engine, you will have to stick to the basics and keep hiring help either from knowledgeable sources or professional web design vendors. Try to keep away from some common mistakes that you might make while choosing a web design company in Singapore.


Neglecting the maintenance of the website

All web design companies will design a good and impressive website that suits your requirements. But that does not finish the task. It is not a single transaction with the web designer, rather it is a long term contract, at least for 6 months during which your website should be maintained by the hired company too. For instance, an e-commerce website depends entirely on the up gradation of its content to maintain freshness for potential viewers. Discuss with your designer about:

Any packages that they offer for ongoing maintenance?
Do they provide security updates and plugin license renewals?
Are they readily available on phone and email for contact services?

Paying huge sums for outdated technology

The website developers that you might be considering to hire might be giving you cheap deals online (unbelievable prices like 300$ for the entire website), but beware of old and outdated technology being used. The cost of redeveloping and redesigning might cost heavy on your pockets once you realize that the website is not running efficiently on the latest operating systems.

Not having CMS

CMS or Content Management System gives you complete control over your website. You can access it anytime from anywhere if your web designer works with a CMS. Without CMS, urgent updates or changes to be made to the website will be entirely dependent on the web designer’s availability. It becomes scary to think that you can’t bring even minor changes in your website content if you are not working with CMS. Latest CSS and HTML versions should be used.

Poor SEO and Social Media strategies

Overall, the ultimate aim of your website should be to convert visitors into prospective buyers. If your web design company does not rely on SEO friendly techniques, it will be a failure. Social media plays a huge part in marketing a business these days. A web design company should engage interesting and attractive social media content in their website development techniques to ensure maximum traffic.

Your website should be designed in such a way that it grows your business and brings in good revenues. Choose a good web design company wisely to create an impressive business website.

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